Méjana’s Olfactory Odyssey

Méjana’s Olfactory Odyssey

From Palestinian Soil to Fragrant Seas

Méjana, an ancient symphony with enchanting melodies that captivate you, takes you through the folkloric tunes to the beautiful past, allowing you to live moments of authenticity, happiness, and pride in being Palestinian. When you hear or read this name, close your eyes, and imagine the scent of rosemary wafting through the majestic mountains of Jerusalem. What about the old town? Take a moment to inhale the aroma of oud, musk, olive wood, and a hint of spices blended with the scent of heritage. Feel the essence of the old houses with your heart and breathe in the fragrance of jasmine.

Come with me to the displaced village of Lifta; take a closer look between the walls of its houses, and you will see the proud blooming flower of the pomegranate defeating the tyranny of the enemy with its unique red color, and the almond trees refusing to wither.
Can you see the attire of Ramallah, Hebron, and Bethlehem, with their vibrant colors? Can you see women gracefully adorned in silk embellished with gold? Imagine walking in the old city of Nablus, specifically in the Jasmine Street, resembling a miniature Damascus with its age-old structures. What about the scent of Jaffa oranges? Do you remember it? Can you hear the sound of seashells as they collide with the waves of the sea in Haifa, the laughter of children playing on the shores of Tantura, and the fishermen in the port of Akka waving at you from a distance?


Wherever you go and wherever you walk in the cities of Palestine, you will smell a familiar scent from ancient times, a fragrance of your ancestors and all those who passed through this sacred land. It will transport you to the tunes of Méjana, making you rejoice and dance to its melodies. You may feel a sense of sadness when you wake up and don't find them, as if our roots were placed in the vials of perfumes to preserve their memory in the hearts of descendants, and we are those descendants. This is what Méjana wants you to smell on your hands and cheeks, a scent with a history engraved in the heart and mind.

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